Welcome to the City of Brentwood’s Brentwood 2020 Update website.   We welcome your interest and participation! On this site you can:

Review what Brentwood 2020 is (see below).

How to get involved and learn about the planning process.

 Review emerging plan concepts and other news about the project.

Brentwood 2020 is the City’s comprehensive plan.  It contains the community vision for growth and development.  It takes a measurement of the community values through community participation and an examination of existing conditions to answer the questions:

  • What does Brentwood want to be?
  • Where and how should the City grow and develop?

Answers to these questions have implications about City infrastructure and services.

The plan identifies tools to help future growth match the City’s vision.  By anticipating what type of growth and development is likely, and where it is likely to occur, the plan helps the City place the “big stuff” – such as infrastructure and roads –  in the right locations. It also helps coordinate City services.

The last version of the 2020 Plan was updated in 2006 and had incremental updates in 2008. Please click on the links below to get a copy of those plans:

2008 Progress Report PDF
Updated 2020 Plan 2008 PDF
Updated 2020 Plan 2006 PDF
Plan Appendix 2006 PDF

Brentwood 2020 is an update to the City’s existing comprehensive plan.  This update will review the most recent plan to identify objectives that are still relevant today, and those that have been addressed or are no longer important. The update will also refine objectives that are still relevant so that they better meet the needs of the community today.

Brentwood is a rapidly growing, evolving community.  Recent growth has accelerated that change: from 2000-2010 alone Brentwood’s population increased by approximately 35 percent.

To accommodate growth the City has expanded its borders and attempted to create a mixed use town center.  This changing landscape requires a delicate balance between protecting our existing way of life and accomodating new development.

Community input is key to creating a successful plan.  You, your family, friends, and neighbors are all encouraged to be a part of the planning process and help guide the plan so that it continues to respond to community needs and protect Brentwood’s community values.Click Here
Think carefully about current conditions in the city. Over the last 10 years, has Brentwood become a better place to live? Has it stayed the same? Gotten worse? What will happen in the next 10 years? If, 10 years ago, we had known the kind of growth that was coming, should we have made any different decisions? As we look into the future (as best as we can), are there some key decisions we should be making now?Click Here
Creating an indispensable policy document requires a transparent process that allows all interested parties to fully participate in the planning process. This transparency allows people to see their finger prints reflected in the process and inspires buy-in to the final plan.Click Here